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Need a water-heater repair technician? You’ll find one here!

Because a water heater is an indispensable piece of equipment in any home, it’s essential for it to function properly. However, since nothing’s perfect, certain problems can arise. Luckily, some of these problems are easy to fix. Replacing your water heater in its entirety isn’t necessarily the only solution! In this regard, an experienced water-heater repair technician can give you sound advice.

Here are a few examples of common problems that are simple to resolve.

How to correct problems with your water heater

Is there no more hot water?

In this situation, the heating element is undoubtedly the problem. If it’s defective, you’ll need to replace it.

You can also check the temperature regulator. How? Start by turning off the power to the water heater. Carefully remove the heating element access panel. Next, remove the insulation and the heating element cover and press the RESET button. If nothing happens, your temperature regulator is probably damaged. Luckily, it’s very easy to do all the work yourself.

Is the water not hot enough?

The solution is simple: just turn up the temperature! If your water heater temperature is set below 120 degrees and the water isn’t hot enough for you, raise it to 130 degrees and see if it makes a difference. If the water is still lukewarm, you can try pressing the RESET button. You can also check to see if the hot water pipes are well insulated. If not, you can easily install self-adhesive foam insulation on them.

Is there a water leak?

Have you observed water leaking from your water heater? You may need to repair or replace the pressure relief valve. If the valve appears to be in good condition, the cause of the problem may be excess pressure inside the tank. To reduce the pressure, lower the temperature setting to 130 degrees.

Does the fuse burn out often?

In the middle of a nice hot shower, has the water ever suddenly turned ice-cold? Your circuit breaker may be to blame. Check the electrical connections and the wall outlet where the water heater is plugged in. Additionally, you can check the wiring and the connectors. The power supply wires may also be too small for your level of consumption.

However, be careful! If you aren’t comfortable checking everything yourself, don’t take any risks. Instead, call on the services of a qualified water-heater repair technician.

Does the water smell bad?

Sometimes the water coming from the water heater can give off a foul odour, regardless of whether the equipment runs on gas or electricity. Most of the time, a putrid odor is caused by the proliferation of bacteria. To address the problem, you should first turn off the cold water supply and then open the hot water tap (to relieve pressure in the pipes). Next, empty the tank. Open the pipefitting on one side and pour hydrogen peroxide inside. Close everything up again and turn the water back on so that it flows through the pipes.

Do you need an experienced water-heater repair technician?

Water heater problems don’t always mean that you have to replace everything. A qualified plumber can advise you as to which parts to replace and, most importantly, where to get them at a good price. Plomberie Roger Chayer will propose the best solutions to your water heater problems. For water heater installation and repairs or for any general plumbing needs, we’re here to help!

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