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Why do business with a plumber?

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A general contractor, a plumber or both?

Do you need to have plumbing work done at your home? Whether to build out all of the plumbing in your new house, renovate your bathroom or install hydronic underfloor heating, you might be tempted to save money on your project, for example, by letting your general contractor perform the final plumbing work. This is a very bad idea! For a number of reasons, it’s important to hire a professional plumbing company to handle all of the plumbing work—not just the pipes.

Why hire a plumber to do all of the work?

For your safety and peace of mind, you should entrust all of the plumbing work involved in your project to a certified professional plumber. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Legally, a professional must be a member of the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ) in order to perform plumbing work. As a result, you’re protected in the event of a dispute, you’re assured of professionalism, the work will be under warranty and you’ll benefit from the specialist’s in-depth knowledge in the area of plumbing.
  • Since general contractors aren’t CMMTQ members, they can’t guarantee the plumbing work they perform. Consequently, in the event of a dispute arising from an incident such as a defective pipe, you’ll face problems when you attempt to submit a claim to your insurance company.
  • You won’t necessarily save money in the end by entrusting the work to a general contractor. By hiring a specialized plumber for all of the plumbing work, you’ll benefit from work performed in accordance with best practices. In fact, laying pipe and installing tubs, shower bases, toilets, plumbing fixtures and hydronic underfloor heating systems requires the skill and knowledge of a professional plumber in order to ensure impeccable results. When a general contractor performs subpar work, it can lead to significant water damage, which will be very expensive to repair.

For reasons of insurance, liability, skill and licensing—as well as your peace of mind—it’s important to hire a certified plumber to perform your plumbing and hydronic heating work from A to Z.

You can count on Plomberie Roger Chayer for all your plumbing needs

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At Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc., we off you full-service plumbing work at competitive prices. We also offer you professional service for the installation of your hydronic underfloor heating system or the creation or renovation of your bathroom, including everything from the design of the room to the choice of fixtures and hardware. Thanks to their experience and expertise, our plumbers can provide you with judicious advice regarding your project. Avoid unpleasant surprises and poorly performed work and increase the value of your property by entrusting us with all of your plumbing work. As a CMMTQ member, Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc. can offer you numerous warranties on parts and workmanship.