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Four generations of plumbers in Rosemont

All-inclusive plumbing services in Rosemont and the surrounding areas

Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc. is a family-owned-and-operated company with four generations of experience, specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of plumbing equipment for residential and commercial clientele, including the managers of multi-family housing developments. Our experienced teams of qualified professional plumbers perform all types of plumbing work with precision and efficiency.

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Our team of plumbing specialists in the Rosemont area operates throughout the Island of Montreal, as well as the surrounding areas, providing services including the following:

What’s more, in order to serve our clientele better, we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to get you out of a jam whenever you need us!

Certified natural gas plumber

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Heating and natural gas

At Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc., we’re also specialists in hydronic heating and gas heating for clients in the residential, multi-family housing and commercial sectors. Our qualified, certified plumbers are trained and knowledgeable regarding the latest technological advances in energy conservation and the use of durable, environmentally friendly materials. As a result, they’re capable of performing brilliant, efficient installation, repair and maintenance work on hydronic and hot-water heating equipment, in addition to installing radiant floor heating systems.

Bathroom renovations

We also offer you turnkey service for the creation or renovation of your bathroom, including all of the work from the design of the room to the choice of furnishings. We avail of a large selection of sinks, tubs and standard or deluxe faucets and other plumbing fixtures that will harmonize perfectly with your décor. When you invest in a reputable service, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises and increase the value of your property, so contact us today for your renovation project.

Trusted plumbing contractor in Rosemont since 1946

All about the Rosemont area

Old Rosemont, the district in which the company Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc. was founded in 1946, is a working class neighborhood typical of those in the heart of Montreal. It owes its existence to its proximity to the Angus Shops and the numerous quarries where Montreal’s famous grey stone was mined. This neighborhood in the borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie today features a unique living environment that’s dynamic and secure.

The borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie is the third most populous in the City of Montreal with more than 144,000 residents spread out over an area of 15.9 square kilometers. Located in the heart of the metropolis, it inherited a rich legacy from its industrial past and is now resolutely dedicated to innovation and sustainable development. The neighborhood life, especially in Old Rosemont, is bustling and flourishing, thanks to the presence of several developed public parks.

It’s a borough that’s good to live in, as it boasts around a hundred parks and urban green spaces, including Maisonneuve Park, Parc Molson, Parc du Père-Marquette and Parc Beaubien, among others, as well as a dozen or so community gardens, more than 130 green lanes, a public market and four shared pedestrian streets. It’s also a neighborhood that’s committed to sports and culture for its residents, with no fewer than two arenas, 18 outdoor skating rinks, a dozen pools, three libraries, the iconic Beaubien Cinema and a cultural center. It boasts several kilometers of bike trails, four metro stations and numerous bus lines to facilitate public transport and mobility.

Rosemont is also the home of a plumbing company that has been building a stellar reputation since 1946!

Station de métro Rosemont, Montreal. Photo par: User:Gene.arboit

Rosemont metro station, Montreal. Photo by: User:Gene.arboit