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Plumber in Lachine—24/7 emergency service

Plumbing installation, maintenance and repair services in Lachine

Plomberie Roger Chayer is a family-owned-and-operated company that has been offering a full range of plumbing services,  in the commercial, multi-family housing and residential sectors in Montreal and the surrounding areas for more than 75 years. Our team of plumbers in Lachine is made up of experienced qualified professionals who can meticulously and efficiently install, service and repair of all types of plumbing equipment.

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As a result, we can offer you a vast range of services performed with utmost attention to detail by our plumbers in Lachine and throughout the Island of Montreal. Our services include the following:

We also offer emergency plumbing service in Lachine and the entire Montreal area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure your comfort and well-being, we’re always here to help you out of a jam!

Certified natural gas plumber

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Sink unclogging

Has the water stopped draining from your kitchen sink? Do you hear unusual noises or smell foul odors coming from the drain of your dish sink? A clog is probably obstructing your pipes. To prevent serious consequences, such as water damage, the professionals at Plomberie Roger Chayer can help you quickly resolve the problem. You can count on our team of experts to perform high-quality work, unclogging your dish sink efficiently and enduringly.

Hydronic radiant floor heating

Are you tired of having cold feet during the winter? If you’d like your heating system to provide you with continuous comfort and gentle, uniform warmth throughout your home, our plumbers in Lachine, who are specialists in heating systems, can advise you regarding the installation of underfloor heating. A hydronic radiant floor heating system is not only cost effective, efficient and quiet, but also doesn’t blow air or dust around your home. Contact our hot-water heating system installers today and treat yourself to optimal comfort.

Plumbing contractor serving Lachine since 1946

All about the borough of Lachine

Lachine is the result of a merger between the cities of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens and Lachine in 1999. In 2002, Lachine merged with other cities and districts on the Island of Montreal, becoming one of the City of Montreal’s 19 boroughs. Lachine has more than 45,700 residents spread out over an area of 17.7 square kilometers. This borough is located to the southwest of the island, upstream from the Lachine Canal, and is adjacent to Dorval, Saint-Laurent, Côte-Saint-Luc, Montreal West, the Sud-Ouest and LaSalle. Strategically located at the intersection of several highways (Autoroutes 13 and 20 and Route 138, among others), with numerous major thoroughfares and two train stations, the borough also boasts one of the oldest and most important industrial parks.

The borough of Lachine offers an exceptional living environment with countless magnificent parks and green spaces, including the big René Lévesque Park and Parc Saint-Louis, numerous shops, sports and cultural facilities (23 soccer fields, 2 arenas, 20 tennis courts, 8 outdoor skating rinks, 1 exhibition hall, 2 libraries, 1 museum, etc.), several top-notch educational institutions and a diversity of heritage sites, including the Lachine Canal National Historic Site and several historical buildings, such as the LeBer-LeMoyne House dating from the seventeenth century.

The team at Plomberie Roger Chayer is proud to have served the borough of Lachine since 1946.