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Commercial and industrial plumbing service

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For plumbing work on a commercial or industrial building or on a multi-family housing complex, you can count on our team. In fact, whether you’re looking for a plumber to install the plumbing infrastructure for a new building or to service or repair an existing system, we’ll put our expertise to work for you.

We offer our commercial plumbing services to all types of businesses, including shops, restaurants, hotels, industrial companies, manufacturers, warehouses, service stations and more. We also serve institutional clients, such as educational institutions, municipal buildings and libraries, among many others. Our plumbers specializing in the commercial and industrial sectors can travel throughout the Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area torespond to your needs and requirements.

Our principal commercial plumbing services

Plomberie Roger Chayer has been performing commercial plumbing work since 1946. We perform all types of commercial plumbing work, including the following:

Installing plumbing infrastructure in commercial and industrial buildings and multi-family housing complexes requires extensive technical knowledge, as all areas and floors of the building must have an adequate water supply and a suitable wastewater drainage system.

Our industrial and commercial plumbers can perform a structural analysis of a building, its architecture and its plumbing infrastructure in order to guarantee you a system that’s reliable, efficient and durable with a suitable water flow rate. We can also service and repair all of your plumbing fixtures in order to assure you of the durability and longevity of your infrastructure, pipelines and drains.

If you’re the manager of a building or hotel, service contracts are available to ensure that you receive prompt plumbing service when necessary. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Specialists in commercial and industrial plumbing

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Choosing a qualified industrial plumber

At Plomberie Roger Chayer, our team of plumbers specializing in the industrial sector is trained and qualified to provide high-quality work that’s efficient, enduring and compliant with all current regulations.

What’s more, they have all the necessary knowledge and cutting-edge equipment to perform plumbing work for industrial and commercial clients and for apartment buildings with utmost efficiency. We’re an Énergir-certified natural gas partner and active members of the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ). This is your guarantee of our reliability and commitment.

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