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    Specialist in hot water and natural gas heating

    Roger Chayer Inc. specializes in plumbing as well as hot water and gas heating systems. These complex systems require the expertise of specialized technicians. Our experts will install and repair your hot water or gas heating units or systems. We can also change your furnace or convert your heating system and handle your system’s annual maintenance. Our plumbers are trained to install these systems and are highly experienced in this type of work.

    Choosing a heating system

    Want to replace your old appliance or install a new heating system? This represents an important investment that requires getting information before making a choice. Indeed, there are a multitude of types of heating (ex: electric system, gas, hot water …) each having their advantages and disadvantages.

    First and foremost, you’re looking for a system that produces a constant temperature, energy efficient compared to the surface to be heated, even in harsh winters. Our team of experts will provide you with the necessary expertise to help you choose your device to meet all your needs.

    To make the best choice, trust the professionals of Plomberie Roger Chayer, member of the CMMTQ and licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

    Sale of heating systems and water heaters

    Installation de chaudière au gaz

    We have a complete range of reliable and effective products, such as electric and gas water heaters. Our technicians can help you choose the best solution for your requirements and your budget.

    Radiant floor installation in Montreal and surrounding areas

    Système de chauffage par plancher radiant

    We design solutions for radiant floor heating and heated floors. We study your entire heating system and configure the interfaces between systems, assess and calculate heat losses and provide the list of all the parts you will need. Contact us for more information.

    If you’re in the Greater Montreal area, you can trust Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc. for installation or maintenance of your hot water or natural gas heating systems, radiant floor or water heaters. Our specialized professionals have been providing quality service for over 70 years: we also provide emergency service 24/7. We are certified Énergir (the new GazMétro) partners and members in good standing of the CMMTQ. Our personalized approach means tailoring our service to your situation, your requirements and your budget. That’s why we’ve been around for decades. Contact us!

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