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Experienced and efficient plumbing service for residential, commercial and multiple unit buildings.

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Installation, repair and maintenance of your heating systems

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Hot water heating, hydronic heating / radiant floor (radiant heating)

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Bathroom renovation services

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Top notch service unrivalled anywhere in Montreal

Our experienced plumbers install and repair all types of plumbing in Montreal and its surrounding areas. Whether installing plumbing during renovation, unclogging blocked pipes, preventive maintenance for bathrooms in your commercial building or replacing old steel piping in your rental properties, our team of plumber in Montreal will meet your needs. We also thaw frozen pipes and do camera location of underground drains.

  • Over 70 years of service
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of all types of Plumbing
  • Residential, commercial and multiple-unit
  • 24-hour emergency service in the Montreal area
  • State-of-the-art technology and equipment

Plombers and experts in heating systems in greater Montreal

There are some 20 Roger Chayer Inc. plumbing specialists in Montreal and surrounding areas available for installation, repair and maintenance of hydronic and hot water heating, as well as radiant floor installation. Roger Chayer is the heating specialist for residential customers, managers of multiple-unit buildings, shops and businesses.

  • Experienced, meticulous technicians
  • Installation of radiant floor heating for maximum comfort
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of various heating systems
  • 24-hour emergency service in the Montreal area
  • Over 20 professionals undergoing continuous training