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Hot water heating:
optimum comfort, maximum savings

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What is hydronic (hot water) heating?

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Hydronic heating uses plastic (polyethylene) tubing installed underneath your home to route hot water through the house. Instead of heating the air, the system creates a gentle heat which radiates from the floor, when and where it’s needed. Without noise or air flow to stir up dust or carry polluting particles, the hot water heating system is cleaner, quieter and healthier than a ventilation system. Good quality hydronic heaters are not particularly expensive to install and are economic to use. You get exceptional comfort with an innovative and environmentally-friendly heating solution that gives you total control over the temperature in your home. 

Enjoy the benefits of hydronic heating and go with hot water for your comfort!

Hydronic heating products

Find out more about our hydronic-adapted heating products, such as our gas and electric boilers. Versatile and aesthetic, the hydronic heaters can be installed anywhere for year-round warmth and comfort. We install, repair and maintain all heating systems (electric, natural gas or hot water heating) in the greater Montreal area.

The basic components for this boiler remain the same and we can install and use them in several ways. From simple water heaters to radiant floors to outdoor hydronic heat, this type of heating can meet many of your needs.

We provide installation, repair and maintenance of all hot water or gas heating systems in Greater Montreal.

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Radiant floor installation in Montreal and surrounding areas

We design solutions for radiant floor heating and heated floors. We study your entire heating system and configure the interfaces between systems, assess and calculate heat losses and provide the list of all the parts you will need. Contact us for more information.

For more information about plumbing repair, installation or maintenance, make contact  with our team of plumber in Montreal.

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