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Choosing a heating system

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Plomberie Roger Chayer can satisfy all your needs in terms of electric, hydronic or natural gas heating. Whether for repairs, a conversion or a new system, our full range of efficient, reliable high-performance products and our expertise in the field make our company a sure value when it comes to managing your heating system. What’s more, all of our products are compatible with our hydronic heating systems. We particularly recommend the Thermo 2000 electric boilers and IBC gas boilers for their optimal quality and enhanced efficiency.

Electric boilers

Here’s an overview of the electric boilers we offer for your hydronic heating system.

Electric boilers for residential use

Thermo 2000 – AltSource electric boiler

chaudière électrique Thermo 2000 Alt Source

Ecological and economical, the AltSource™ electric boiler is the only electric boiler on the market to offer increased water volume. Intended for residential use, this combination boiler-storage tank acts as a source of auxiliary power for any heating system functioning on renewable energy in order to maximize output.

Thermo 2000 – BTH Ultra electric boiler

chaudière électrique Thermo 2000 bth ULTRA

Efficient and reliable, the Thermo 2000 BTH Ultra electric boiler is ideal for heating a condominium, a house or even a commercial building. This silent, compact model is available with 7 to 36 kW of power. The equipment offers optimum comfort, thanks to its precise temperature management.

ComboMax ULTRA combination boiler-water heater

Chaudière et chauffe-eau combiné ComboMax ULTRA

Also developed by Thermo 2000, the ComboMax ULTRA is an electric boiler combined with a tankless water heater, intended for residential heating. It can heat an area of up to 4,750 square feet, while also producing domestic hot water in less than seven seconds! It’s also virtually maintenance-free!

Electric boilers for commercial use

We also offer commercial plumbing service, as well as plumbing service for multi-family housing complexes. Consequently, we have suitable equipment for this type of clientele.

Thermo 2000 – BTH Ultra electric boiler

chaudière électrique commerciale Thermo 2000 bth ULTRA

The BTH Ultra electric boiler is available with up to 36 kW of power, making it suitable for commercial buildings. It comes with different voltages and can be easily combined with an auxiliary boiler for a dual-energy system. It permits precise temperature management and offers incomparable comfort.

Thermo 2000 – VoltMax electric boiler

chaudière électrique Thermo 2000 VoltMax 400

The VoltMax 180 and 400 electric boilers from Thermo 2000 are designed to supply commercial, industrial and institutional hydronic heating systems. They offer different voltages and power ranging from 22.5 to 180 kW in the VoltMax 180, and from 58 to 408 kW in the VoltMax 400.

ComboMax 109 combination electric boiler-water heater

chaudière et chauffe-eau combiné ComboMax ULTRA

The ComboMax 109 electric boiler-water heater is the ultimate combination. Practically maintenance-free, it’s the ideal solution for a commercial or multi-family dwelling system. The ComboMax heats the water instantly, on demand. This compact model is ideal when you’re looking for good water quality and equipment with a long useful life.

Gas boilers

Here’s an overview of the gas boilers we offer at Plomberie Roger Chayer.

IBC SL Series G3 gas boiler

chaudière au gaz IBC - Série SL G3

The wall-mounted IBC SL G3 condensing boiler is suitable for residential or light commercial use. It converts gas into heat with unprecedented efficiency.

IBC DC Series combi gas boiler

chaudière au gaz combinée IBC - DC Series

This gas boiler combines clean hot water and space heating in a single compact model. The unique 2-in-1 design features two independent water lines built in to a heat exchanger.

IBC IFIRETM - B commercial gas boiler

chaudière au gaz commerciale - IBC FIRE - B

The IFIRE™ condensing boiler from IBC is available in six models, ranging from 300,000 to 1,000,000 BTU/hr. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and offers thermal efficiency of up to 96.5 percent.

Do you need advice regarding the choice or installation of an electric or gas boiler?

For all information related to the purchase, installation, maintenance and repair of an electric or natural gas boiler in Montreal, contact us today!

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