inspection de drain par caméra

Drain inspection by camera: price and procedure

Proper and regular maintenance of your piping system is essential to prevent breaks, leaks and other inevitable plumbing-related malfunctions. Camera drain inspection is one of the methods used to examine the drainage system. But what is the procedure, and how much does it cost?

What is a drain inspection?

The drain is a pipe that carries wastewater to the sewer system. When residue creates a blockage in the drain, it can no longer allow water to flow freely. Needless to say, clogged pipes are detrimental to the proper functioning of your plumbing system. The risk of cracks and flooding is then increased, not to mention that a clogged drain can promote the growth of mold and put your health at risk.

The drain inspection then consists of checking whether your pipes contain clogs, cracks, roots, etc.

What procedure for a camera drain inspection?

The camera inspection process is very simple. Your plumber will attach a waterproof camera to a long metal cable, which will then be inserted inside your pipes. An image will be projected on a high resolution device to determine if the pipes are in good condition. The slightest anomaly will be identified, which will make it possible to make the necessary corrections to avoid possible serious problems in your plumbing system.

After a rigorous inspection, your plumber will give you a detailed report of the results, as well as an estimate of the price of repairs if necessary.

What is the difference between a drain inspection with camera and a traditional inspection?

A conventional drain inspection usually involves the use of a long metal rod (probe). This is inserted into the pipe opening at the end of the sewer line and moved to the other end of the line. This technique is simple and easy to apply, but probes can get stuck in debris inside the drain. They can also break when hitting something hard or sharp, which can lead to additional repairs.

As for the drain inspection with camera, they offer several advantages not offered by the conventional method:

  • Extremely precise inspection thanks to high-resolution cameras
  • Allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas
  • The monitor captures all anomalies, even microcracks
  • Easy to use, camera-based method fixes problems quickly
  • Reduced labor time, lighter bill

Drain inspection by camera: what price to expect?

The price to have the drains inspected depends on the equipment used, the size of the pipes and their ease of access. Although costs vary from contractor to contractor, you can expect to pay between $230 and $2,500 for a drain inspection with camera. The price for drain inspection can also be influenced by: the type of drain, the type of property, the length of the drains, their location and the distance between them.

When to perform a drain inspection?

Different plumbing issues may require a camera inspection. For example, slow drains can be a sign that debris is obstructing the free flow of water. The backflow of sewage is another clue; if they go up in several sinks and toilets, a problem in the drainage system could be at fault.

Need a drain inspection?

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