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    Bathroom renovations in Montreal

    We offer a comprehensive service for renovating or designing your bathroom. We assist you from initial concept to the choice of accessories like fixtures. We can also advise you on your water heater and/or on your heated flooring project (radiant floor)). For more information, contact our expert consultants who will be pleased to advise you.


    Faucets and fixtures

    We offer a choice of bathroom plumbing accessories that add a nice touch to your decor. We also have a large choice of bathroom fixtures washbasins, bathtubs, sinks, and standard or deluxe faucets.


    Water heater

    Moreover, we can establish your hot water supply based on your consumption and in accordance with your installations. Thanks to our heating expertise, we can also size or resize your hot water production system.

    We can determine the volume of hot water needed for your household and according to existing installations. Thanks to our expertise we can even resize or downsize your hot water installation.

    Système de chauffage par plancher radiant

    Heated flooring

    Our technicians can install any type of heated flooring. Their expertise also allows them to assess the heat loss associated with this type of floor.

    What is the cost for my renovations

    The bathroom is an important part of the house. It’s a place of relaxation where many of us begin their day.

    Before embarking on expensive work, it is better to plan your renovations. The price for carrying out this work depends on many factors.

    To determine the cost of your plumbing renovations, take a look at the available space in the bathroom. Check whether or not the plumbing should be moved. Then make a list of the various renovations to be carried out.

    Here is a brief overview of the work that can be done:

    • Installation or renovation of plumbing
    • Installations for storage cabinets (eg, cabinets, vanities, washbasins) and bathroom accessories
    • Electrical work and installation of lamps

    If you work with a designer, the bill can increase rapidly. It is best to have an idea of the budget that you want to put in your renovations.

    For a turnkey bathroom renovation service, the price will vary depending on the materials chosen and the work to be done. A approximate starting budget of $10,000 will be required.

    Create the bathroom of your dreams

    You’ve been dreaming of major bathroom renovations for some time? Why not let Plomberie Roger Chayer inc. handle the transformation? In doing so, you’ll be assured of being entirely satisfied with a bathroom perfectly suited to your taste.

    Better still, we can offer you a complete turnkey service of bathroom renovations. After giving you a free price quote for the work, we will give you precious advice on choosing the right kinds and colours for your sanitary appliances. We will even help you determine the dimensions of the room as well as the position of components.

    We carefully assess your needs in light of your wishes and according to available space and disposable budget.

    We know that there is an ideal heated flooring solution for every project. To find the most suitable solution for your needs or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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