tarif plombier à Montréal

How much does a plumber in Montreal charge and why?

The plumbing system is one of the main structural elements of your home. That’s why it’s very important to perform regular maintenance on it. Do you want to know the going hourly rates for plumbers so you can get an idea of how much this work might cost? Discover the various factors that can influence the hourly rate of a plumber in Montreal and find out what a fair price is.

Factors influencing a plumber’s hourly rate

The amount of the invoice for plumbing services will vary according to different criteria:

  • The location of your residence (travel expenses, competitor rates, etc.). For example, the hourly rates in Montreal are a little higher than on the South Shore or the North Shore.
  • The required number of plumbers. If several professionals are needed to perform the work, the price will naturally be higher.
  • The condition of your plumbing system. The older or more decrepit it is, the more expensive the bill will be.
  • The need for specialized equipment or materials. A high pressure pump truck, for example, will increase the bill.
  • The quality of the products the plumber uses. The better the quality, reliability and durability, the higher the cost will be.
  • The plumber’s experience and reputation.
  • The plumber’s areas of specialty (water heaters, heating, plumbing fixtures, pipes, etc.).
  • The availability of the plumber. The busier plumbers are, the more likely they are to raise their prices, as they always have plenty of work.
  • The moment when you need the plumber. If it’s an emergency or night-time service call, it will be more expensive, as the plumber will have to make schedule adjustments or postpone other appointments in order to come help you.

You should be aware that, regardless of how long it takes to do the job, the vast majority of plumbers will bill you for at least one hour of work.

Reasonable hourly rates for plumbers

Each year, the Corporation des Maîtres Mécaniciens en Tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ) recommends an hourly rate for plumbers. This should give you a good indication.

Here’s a table summarizing the reference prices for residential plumbing services in 2020.

CMMTQ standard hourly rates 2020Average hourly rateTravel expenses – usually 30 min. at the regular hourly rate
Other parts of Quebec$104.71$85$42.50

The hourly rate recommended by the CMMTQ is a general guideline, which is adjusted each year (for example, it was $97.23 for the residential sector in 2019). Some plumbers will charge a higher rate, while others like Plomberie Roger Chayer will offer a rate that’s lower than the CMMTQ reference price.

Ask for an estimate on your plumbing work

Given the wide variation in prices for plumbing work, you should be well-informed before having the work done. Get an estimate from at least three different plumbers. Estimates by telephone or over the internet are free. However, if the plumber has to travel in order to give you an estimate, you may be charged a fee (which will normally be deducted from the final bill if you end up hiring that plumber). Compare the services offered taking the plumber’s expertise and experience, the quality of the products used and the available warranties and insurance into account. Don’t base your decision solely on price.

For your peace of mind, entrust the work to a professional plumber who’s a CMMTQ member and who holds a contractor’s license in plumbing.

You can rely on the team of certified experts at Plomberie Roger Chayer for all your plumbing needs in Montreal and the surrounding areas at a fair, competitive price.

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