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How to unclog a sink

It is inevitable: all sinks and washbasins end up accumulating residues, whether it is soap, toothpaste, hair or other dirt. Are you looking to unclog your sink and don’t know how to go about it? Rest assured, unclogging drains is one of the easiest repairs to perform.

Should you unclog the sink with chemical cleaners?

When it is urgent to unclog the bathroom or kitchen sink, one may be tempted to find the fastest solutions to solve the problem. Although there are effective products to clear drains in a short time, these same products can cause problems in the long run. Why? Because the acids in chemicals damage enamel and plumbing finishes. In addition, inhaling toxic fumes carries health risks. Finally, even a low concentration of chemicals is likely to pollute groundwater supplies.

Natural ways to unclog your sink

The most effective way to evacuate the elements that clog the drain remains the manual method. This will allow you to spare your pipes while reducing the risks to your health and the contamination of groundwater.

Pour hot water down the drain

Here’s an easy trick to put into practice to help melt the residue. After draining stagnant water from the sink, simply pour boiling water down the drain. Upon contact with hot water, the debris will tend to melt, which will help free the drain pipes more easily.

Use a wire

Using a piece of wire can do wonders for dislodging a clump of debris stuck in the drain. After removing the standing water with a plunger, push a piece of wire into the drain hole and move back and forth to dislodge the residue. Then, run the hot water so it carries the debris with it. That’s it!

Clean the siphon under the sink

If you’ve tried everything and nothing works to unblock your sink, it would be a good idea to check the condition of your P-trap, the elbow-shaped pipe located just under the sink. Heavy debris such as clumps of hair, coffee grounds, fruit pulp or others can slow down the circulation of water, without blocking it completely.

To solve the problem, you have to dismantle the pipe and clean the elements causing the obstruction. This thankless task can be messy, so be sure to bring gloves, goggles, a bucket and towels beforehand.

Need a plumber to unclog your kitchen or bathroom sink?

Call on the Roger Chayer plumbing professionals in Montreal. Available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies, it is with pleasure that we will help you unclog pipes or maintain your residential or commercial pipes. Looking forward to helping you!

Source: LA VOIX DU SUD. Comment déboucher un lavabo efficacement? [How to unclog a sink effectively?]

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