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How to repair a faucet that drips after it’s turned off

Is there anything more annoying than a faucet that drips constantly? Besides the incessant noise this little leak makes, it can end up wasting between 140 and 680 liters of water every day! Suffice it to say that the ecological and financial consequences—especially in the case of hot water—can be significant.

Nevertheless, whether for fear of the difficulty of taking care of the problem ourselves or for fear of the bill for having someone else do it, many of us just let it go. While we can easily correct certain problems, there are others that may require a professional service call. In either case, resolving them will no doubt be beneficial not only for your state of mind but also for your wallet!

What factors are most often at the root of a leaky faucet? And how can it be repaired?

The principal causes: cartridges, washers and scale buildup

Every kind of faucet has its own kind of problem. Mixer taps (with two knobs, one for cold water and one for hot water) and single-lever taps (in which one lever controls both the temperature and the flow) are the two most popular types of faucets in the majority of homes in Quebec.

Mixer taps frequently fall victim to a worn cartridge, which is the part located underneath the mechanism that turns on the water. To replace it, all you have to do is dismantle the faucet. Simple, right? And to make sure that you replace the cartridge with the correct model, just take the old one with you to the hardware store and you’re good to go!

As for single-lever taps, it’s often the washers that give up the ghost. Just like with the cartridge, a simple replacement will do the trick. In some cases, you may have to remove the mineral deposits from the aerator. To do this, unscrew the head of the faucet, remove the screen and submerge it in white vinegar. As far as that goes, there’s nothing preventing you from regularly descaling the head, as the buildup of hard water deposits can be the source of many leaks.

Quality and professionals: your guarantee for reliable faucets

Whenever you purchase a faucet assembly, you should always keep the installation instructions. Yet they’re often the first thing that gets thrown away once the faucet’s assembled! Without the tips and precautions they contain, how can you prevent a leaky faucet? And how can you avoid having to worry about it all the time? By opting for quality. The price may make you think twice before buying a more expensive faucet, but it will prove to be more cost effective in the long run.

For example, in the case of mixer taps, did you know that the cartridges in most high-end models come with a lifetime guarantee? What’s more, if you go directly to a plumber or a plumbing store to get your parts, they’ll most likely have them in stock. The investment makes much more sense when you consider that you won’t have to pay shipping or other surcharges.

Quality, ease and peace of mind: that’s what the team at Plomberie Roger Chayer Inc. has been offering clients in Montreal and the surrounding areas for more than 70 years. Their full range of services, along with their partnership with Énergir and their CMMTQ (Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec) membership, are your guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness. That’s enough to encourage you to contact them to repair your leaky faucet, don’t you think?

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